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People flow dynamics in Shopping Centers and retail chains

Moscow GLA 20-40 +6% 35 2018 by 34 2018

St. Petersburg GLA 40-80 +10% 35 2018 by 34 2018

Shopster visitors tracking

Shopster – is visitor’s tracking by wifi in their mobile phones, online communications with visitors social profile analytics HotSpot, indoor navigation.

With Shopster you receive innovative tools for shoppers behavior understanding and management.

Shopster Analytics

Shopster Analytics allows you to understand behaviour of your visitors with such metrics as routes, visit frequencies, dwell time & others. Metrics are organized in a clear & tidy so you can immedeately use your new data.

Funnel traffic visualization in Shopster interface Crosse between stores visualization in Shopster interface


Understanding of who your shoppers are, their interests outside of your shopping facility, their habits and preferences, their “path to purchase”


Shopster HotSpot let you use online and offline marketing tools by connecting the customer’s profiles with their profiles in social networks. Social Authorization via Social Networks allows you to build deeper personalised relationship with your visitors.

Example of connection to Wi-Fi network with Shopster Hotspot Social profiles visualization in Shopster interface


a 100% target audience contact that helps you increase the store profits by receiving visitors personalized data


Shopster routers are equipped with iBeacon, that let you determine the visitors location with high accuracy, track him and send him messages and notifications.

iBeacon signal strength


Modern communication tool, a variety of scenarios and shopper engagement mechanisms are available

  • Visit (Entry rate)

    How many people that walk past your store visit it
  • Dynamics (retention)

    Is the number of loyal customers increasing or decreasing?
  • Time (Dwell Time)

    The time that shoppers spend in different parts of the store
  • Routes (Routes)

    When shoppers come to you, what routes do they take once they are in-store
  • Frequency

    How often do the same people come to you
  • Zone (Heat Maps)

    Which parts of your store are popular and which are rarely visited
  • Intersection

    Where visitors have come from, which stores did they leave for
  • Gender/Age

    How old are your visitors, what preferences do they have

For visitors tracking Wi-Fi technology is used. To do this, you need to install a special software code in the appropriate router system, and then set up the router inside the store, that will collect data from devices that have a Wi-Fi module. Devices with Wi-Fi module do not need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

How it works?

  • Mobile phones emit anonymous sygnals while searching Wi-Fi

    Operation principle of shopster wi-fi analytics
  • Our routers catch phone signals

    Operation principle of shopster wi-fi analytics
  • Servers process information

    Operation principle of shopster wi-fi analytics
  • You receive a detailed and understandable statistic data

    Operation principle of shopster wi-fi analytics