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People flow dynamics in Shopping Centers and retail chains

Moscow GLA 20-40 +6% 35 2018 by 34 2018

St. Petersburg GLA 40-80 +10% 35 2018 by 34 2018

Solutions for Shopping Centers

Answer the questions:

  • What is the visitor flow in your mall?
  • How can you understand the position of your shopping mall compared with others?
  • How can you understand your visitor behavior? How often do they come back? How much time do they spend?
  • Was your marketing campaign effective?
  • How can you manage your visitor flow?
  • How can you evaluate the role of each tenant in the general flow and understand the synergy?
  • How can you automate the process of calculating rental rates at "% sales"?
  • How can you automatically collect revenue from tenants?
  • How can you start making money with your tenants?
  • How can you get rid of 100 paper reports and get any response in 5 seconds?

By working with Watcom group, you can receive, evaluate, and manage performance indicators:

  • People counting system

    • Visitor flow inside the mall
    • Distribution of visitors in regards to zones, floors, tenants
  • System for collecting tenant sales

    • Sales of shopping mall tenants: sum, checks, goods
    • Conversion ratio of visitors into buyers

    • Evaluation of the advertisement information in the mall

    • Time spent in the shopping mall
    • Return frequency
    • Tracking how visitors move in the shopping mall

    • Visitor flow dynamics (you can compare the popularity of your shopping center with general market dynamics)