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People flow dynamics in Shopping Centers and retail chains

Moscow GLA 20-40 +6% 35 2018 by 34 2018

St. Petersburg GLA 40-80 +10% 35 2018 by 34 2018

Watcom History

Watcom Group is a federal integrator of the cutting the edge technologies on the Russian market that helps to increase business effectiveness of the Shopping Centers and retail. Watcom Group is an expert and recognized leader and in footfall analysis market since 1999.


January 21st– office opens in Moscow. The company specializes in integration systems. Start of the development of automated people monitoring technology in Russia. The market for people counting systems is emerging.


A widened line of technical solutions from Watcom come out on to the Russian market


The first major contract is concluded with ECCO retail chain. Integrated counting systems are installed in ECCO 30 stores. The company strengthens its leading position on the counting system market and related services.


Integrated counting systems are installed successfully in Sennaya Shopping Mall (St. Petersburg), Vertical ramp, “Sphinx” technologies are developed by the company’s specialists. The company’s products successfully pass compliance test for GOST certification.


Market share in Moscow exceeds 55%. The company receives a patent for the utility model - CountMax® people counting system. A new technology is developed: inductor sensor for counting cars


Receipt of awards “Golden Merchant” and “Golden Scales” for contribution to the people counter systems market in Russia. The company starts to provide consulting services in the sphere of evaluation of shopping mall concepts.


Membership of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers. Status as an official partner of the Moscow City Government to create a Single Index to count consumer flows. The establishment of its own award “People’s Path” that rewards the most popular shopping mall .


Development of the consumer flow Single Index project. Formation started of an online database focusing on consumer activity in Russia Development of a new direction in the analysis of consumer activity


Development of a new direction in the analysis of consumer activity Development started of a solution for managing a commercial object. Opening of an office in St Petersburg.


Development of motivational schemes for retail chain personnel. Development of solutions to improve effectiveness of retail objects


New technological developments: video solutions are presented. Shopping Index has been developed and being published on a regular basis. Watcom Shopping Index. Watcom is becoming a distributor and integrator of the most accurate people counting solution in the world - 3D counter. Launch of the office in the Ukraine.


Launch of the new direction – shopping behavior in the retail environment Watcom Shop Mechanics Restructuring and rebranding. Watcom Group formation.


«Smart Shopping Center» launch on to the market. 2D video launch on the Russian market. Launch of the office in Kazakhstan.


Launch of the office in Rostov-on Don and Novosibirsk. Agreement with RTI on Watcom’s participation in the project «Secure city»


Software upgrade. «Shopster» launch (visitors’ wi fi monitoring). «Sales Flow» launch


Launch of «Market Research» division. Shopping Center and Retail Chain Brand Audit


Official launch of Analytical System Focus. Watcom brings Swiss Quality people counter to the Russian footfall market.