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People flow dynamics in Shopping Centers and retail chains

Moscow GLA 20-40 +6% 35 2018 by 34 2018

St. Petersburg GLA 40-80 +10% 35 2018 by 34 2018

About Watcom

Watcom Group is a federal integrator of the cutting the edge technologies on the Russian market that help to increase business effectiveness of the Shopping Centers and retail. Watcom Group is an expert and recognized leader in footfall analysis market since 1999.

Today, the company offers a full range of services in professional traffic management from the installation of high-tech counters, data collection, its analysis up to for optimization and business development in retail and retail real estate management

  • Founded in 1999

  • Based in Moscow, Russia

  • 150+ employees

  • 5 offices, 65 service representatives

  • 900 million visitores analyzed

  • 25000 stores installed

  • 600 Shopping Malls

  • Leader in footfall analytics

Watcom Group


Integration business, people counters’ installation services, systems services, data management, reports’ presentation.

Watcom Countmax

Development of hardware and software that realizes innovative solutions for traffic monitoring with high accuracy. The product is the same name system for counting people and cars CountMax

Watcom Data Consulting

Footfall expert evaluation, the only one in Russia footfall index known as Shopping Index, optimization solutions based on deep analysis of received data and other information related to retail real estate.

Watcom Shop Mechanics

Consulting services for optimization of retail environment based on observation and research using the unique solution Shop Mechanics (non-contact observation in real time in the retail environment)

Watcom Research

Dynamically growing business division. Whole complex of the unique and standard research methodologies (qualitative and quantitative) collecting the information on consumers’ behavior in retail outlets and shopping centers, defining purchasing drivers and barriers. Shopping Center and Retail Brand Audit Tracking (whole complex of touch points’ analysis) followed by recommendations.